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Ongoing Projects

Smart Toilets

Project Cost: ₹3.35 Cr. on PPP (VGF)
Project Status: Work in Progress at Green Belt park, Gandhi nagar. Drawings and design of 14 nos. toilets under submission by the contractor.
Date of start: 20-07-2022.
Timeline: Tentative Completion by March 2023
  Project Features:
oNo. of  Locations : 15 Nos.
oCCTV Surveillance  / Auto Flushing Mechanism .
oLED indications to notify the user about the status of the occupancy of the E- Toilet.
oHigh Grade SS Body with vandal proof fixtures
oAutomated Tank Refill
oAttached  Café / ATM/ Public Facility / Amenity
oUniversal Accessible Toilet for Male & Female.
oDifferently-abled friendly handrails, access ramp having anti-sliding feature.
oSmart Toilet Mobile App for Citizens to locate toilets in the city. Integration of Smart Toilet App with Jammu-Seva Mobile App.