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Ongoing Projects

NCMC (Smart Card) compliant digital ticket solutions for eBus

Project Cost : ₹ 2.5 Cr.
Date of Start : September 2022
Name of Executing Agency – Jammu Smart City Limited
Duration of Project – 06 Years
Project Status : Techno-Commercial proposal under evaluation
Corresponding to GCC tender for 200 nos. of eBuses in Jammu and Srinagar, UT of J&K, intending to implement a modern, comprehensive, Digital Tickets Solutions using IT applications and to achieve the following key objectives:
oProvide ease and benefits to users by providing reliable services leading to increase in ridership and adoption of public transport.
oEnhance digital tickets options for passengers; and
oEnable the Authority to constantly benchmark operations and maintain service quality of bus operations.
oEnable the Authority to analyse and optimize the performance of Manpower, Route, Frequency, Timing etc of the eBuses through the ‘Bus Operation Reports’ to ensure the adherence of specified Service Level Benchmarks and subsequent invoice payments .